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Microsoft Lists is a solid alternative to Asana and Trello for anyone in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. And now, it’s getting even better, with the introduction of new features and a few changes.

For starters, the biggest improvement Microsoft is touting here is related to the speed of the platform. The app and the web version load, and do actions, in half the time as before, and Microsoft also added a series of UI and UX optimizations to speed up your workflow even further. These include new “filter pills,” easy access to form management, and easy data editing in lists, among others.


There is also a new “Week” layout for the Calendar view, which will let you see a detailed view of everything that’s happening in the week, so you’re on top of everything and you can get all those tasks, or events, out on schedule.

There are also improvements being made to mobile apps as well. Namely, if you’re on an iPhone, comments are now finally supported in the app, letting you more easily manage your workflow even if you’re on the go.

You should check out the full changelog if you’re interested in knowing the full extent of the changes in today’s update — if you use Lists, there’s a lot of reworking here.

Source: Microsoft

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