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It hasn’t even been a long time since T-Mobile had its last big breach, and we’re already seeing the second one in 2023. T-Mobile had yet another breach, and even though it affects far fewer customers than the last one, it’s still bad.

T-Mobile disclosed that it suffered another breach after realizing that malicious actors had access to the personal information of several customers for a period of more than a month. Unlike the previous breach, where millions of users had a limited number of information compromised, this attack can potentially be more catastrophic to the 836 customers it affected. Why’s that? Because the information leaked includes full names, contact information, date of birth, government ID numbers, account balances, and even social security numbers.

This is enough info to easily commit identity theft, and T-Mobile has already reached out to the affected customers — if you haven’t received anything, you should be fine. However, it’s likely only a matter of time until T-Mobile’s next major security failure. You could take some steps of your own to avoid malicious actors from opening accounts and credit cards in your name… or just switch carriers.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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