ASUS ExpertCenter PN42

There are many different kinds of small PCs out there. Some of them are good for every kind of user, while others are more “entry-level”, being a great fit for web browsing or even basic work. This new tiny PC by ASUS is the right kind to put in your office without breaking the bank.

ASUS has just announced the ExpertCenter PN42, a tiny PC powered by a choice of Intel’s N100 or N200 processors. They’re not the best around, but they do have some advantages — for one, despite the PC’s tiny footprint, there’s no need for fans, as the low-power part is fully capable of dissipating heat in a passive manner. As such, it has a fanless chassis, also reducing noise and dust intake.

In addition to being fanless, it’s also toolless. That means that if you ever want to open it up and look inside, and change parts such as the m.2 SSD, you can do so. It also has an RGB power button, but the useful kind of RGB — it’ll flash different colors to indicate system status. It also supports up to Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5, as well as up to two 4K displays for a multi-monitor setup.

Annoyingly, the PC doesn’t seem to be available to purchase yet. ASUS also recently announced a different tiny PC with a Ryzen 5 6600H CPU.

Source: ASUS

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