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To use TikTok's voice changer, open the TikTok app, record a video and tap "Audio Editing" or "Voice." Choose a voice effect at the bottom of the screen, and select "Save" in the top-right corner.

Want to sound like a dog or robot in your TikTok videos? The app’s built-in voice changer option lets you have some fun replacing your original voice with many voice effects. It works on both iPhone and Android, and we’ll show you how.

How to Change Your Voice on TikTok

Changing your voice in your TikTok videos is as easy as selecting your preferred voice in the app. You preview various voice effects, and finalize the one you want to go ahead with.

To start doing that, open TikTok on your phone and tap the “+” (plus) sign at the bottom to start making a video. You’ll change this video’s voice in the following steps.

Select "+" at the bottom.

Once you’ve recorded the video, in TikTok’s right sidebar, tap the microphone icon labeled “Audio Editing” or “Voice”. (TikTok uses varied language, so you may see either of these names.)

Select "Audio Editing" on the right.

You’ll reach an “Audio Editing” or “Voice” screen. Here, at the bottom, you’ll find various voice effects to use in your video. Each option here changes the original voice in your video.

To try it, tap an option on the list, then tap the Play icon on the video. You’ll be able to preview the selected voice. You can try as many different voices as you want. When you’ve found the one you were looking for, in the app’s top-right corner, tap “Save.”

Select a voice.

You can now further edit your video to add effects and various other items to it. When you’re ready, publish the video, and it will have your chosen voice effect in it. Enjoy!

What if You Don’t See TikTok’s Voice Changer Option?

If you don’t see various voice changer options in TikTok, there are mainly two reasons for that: TikTok hasn’t rolled out the feature to you or you’re using an outdated app version.

In the first case, you can’t do anything as TikTok has yet to roll out the feature to everyone. You’ll have to wait until the feature arrives in your region and on your phone. Until then, you can try editing videos on your Android or iPhone and manually changing the voice.

In the second case, update the TikTok app on your phone to fix the issue. The older app version may not have the feature, and updating the app will bring the feature to your phone.

And that’s how you go about sounding different on this popular short-video platform. Happy making videos!

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