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Google announced last year that it was building a new video editor tied into Google Photos, mostly aimed at Chromebooks. Now you can finally try it out.

Google Photos is officially rolling out the video editor that was previously promised. You can put together a video automatically with a few taps and selections, with Google Photos doing the rest of the work. You can, for one, put together a “friendship clip” with videos and photos from your friends, and likewise, there are lots of other themes you can choose from. Or you can put together a video from scratch, searching and selecting your own clips and photos. You can also use videos you’ve saved, edit the lengths of every clip and image you use, and even add music for a “fun touch.”

The inclusion of Google Photos’ video editor in ChromeOS means that Chromebook users can now have access to an actual video editor out of the box. It should do the job for quick clips using your own memories, or using other photos/videos you have downloaded. There are other editors available too, like LumaFusion, which recently added support for Android tablets and Chromebooks.

Google Photos video editor image

To check it out, make sure to download (or update) Google Photos from the Play Store — the web app doesn’t have the same editor. It might take a few weeks to roll out to everyone.

Source: Google

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