The Amazon Halo View fitness band on top of its packaging.
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Amazon has a wide range of products, and while soome of them are successful, there are a few outliers. In the “less successful” section, we have Amazon’s Halo bands. Now, they’re going away.

Amazon has announced that it’s discontinuing support of its Halo range of wearables, first introduced in 2020, with support ending on July 31. Amazon will also be fully refunding all purchases of the Halo View, Halo Band, Halo Rise, and all accessory bands made within the last 12 months. Unused subscription fees will also be refunded to your original payment method, and you also won’t be charged the monthly subscription fee anymore as of today.

Amazon is being so thorough here because the devices won’t continue to function after this date. Like, at all. Contrary to most EOL devices, where you may continue using them at your own risk,  Amazon says that Halo devices will stop working on August 1st, and so will the Amazon Halo app. The company is even advising you to download and back up your health data and scan images to your phone before this date comes, and encouraging you to recycle them. In short, the devices will be bricked remotely in a few months’ time.

This probably won’t matter that much to those who will be refunded. But for everyone who got a Halo in 2021 or 2020 and is currently still using it, there are no refunds, and your device will still be bricked. Those users might not find these to be good news after all.

Source: Amazon

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