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MAME is one of the most popular emulators around, built to run old home computers and arcade games on modern devices. The latest update includes many fixes and support for a new arcade platform.

MAME 0.254 was just released, which the MAME team calls “the most hotly anticipated emulator release in recent memory.” It adds initial support for the Namco System 10, which was an arcade board released by Namco in 2000 based on the original Sony PlayStation. The list of working games so far includes Namco’s Mr. Driller 2 and Mr. Driller G, the spin-off Star Trigon, Gamshara and Kono e Tako from Mitchell, and others. Some System 10 games, like Taiko no Tatsujin 2, are playable but not officially marked as fully working.

MAME said about System 10 emulation in its blog post, “It’s been a real team effort, with contributors around the world working on emulation, cracking encryption, and properly dumping the Flash memory chips. […] Quite a few of the System 10 games that are still marked as not working are already playable. Taiko no Tatsujin 2, 4 and 6 are playable, although we aren’t confident enough in the timing accuracy of MAME’s PlayStation emulation to mark rhythm games as working at the moment.”

The update also includes support for more Yamaha keyboards, two more working Brother word processors, and two working Liberty Electronics serial terminals. Buggy behavior has also been fixed in the emulator code for PC Engine, Virtual Boy, and SGI workstations.

You can download the latest MAME release for Windows from GitHub or SourceForge. Unofficial builds for Mac, Linux, and other platforms are linked on MAME’s website.

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