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Looking to add another layer of protection to your smartphone or other electronic gadgets? Then get one free month of AKKO’s phone and device insurance service when you sign up today using the promo code SAVE1. That means you’ll get to enjoy all of AKKO’s great benefits for 30 days before your paid plan kicks in.

AKKO circumvents the restrictions and limitations of original manufacturer warranties with an insurance plan that covers virtually anything. Available for smartphones and other electronic devices, AKKO offers full damage and theft protection whether it’s a new iPhone 14 or a five-year-old virtual reality headset. Your new AKKO plan can cover 1 phone and up to 25 other electronics for only $15 per month after your free month ends. The insurance company also offers a phone-only protection plan for $5-$12 per month, depending on the phone.

AKKO Phone and Device Insurance | One Month Free With Code | AKKO

Starting with your free month of service, you’ll be protected from cracked screens, accidental damage, spills, charging port and battery failures, and so much more. With unlimited claims and up to $2,000 per claim, you can prolong the life of your electronic devices. Filing a claim is quick and easy, with same-day repairs and reasonable deductibles (up to $99) for many smartphone issues. AKKO even issues claim payments quickly via PayPal or wire transfers.

Sign up for AKKO today using the promo code SAVE1 to secure 30 days of its “Everything Protected” plan for free. After the 30-day period ends, student discounts are available to help you save even more. Register today and start protecting all of your favorite electronics now.

AKKO Phone and Device Insurance

Take advantage of a 30-day free period and cover one phone, plus up to 25 other devices before your paid plan kicks in.

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