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Despite the rise of Google Docs and other alternatives, Microsoft Word remains one of the most robust document-writing programs out there. It’s now getting even better, with integration with Amazon’s Kindle eReaders.

Now, if you write a document or open a document someone else wrote in Word, you now have the option to share it as an eBook to your Kindle if you happen to own one. Just go to File, choose Export, then click on “Send to Kindle.” You’ll be prompted to enter your Amazon log-in details, but once you do so, you can just share it to your Kindle device and check it out like you would read any other eBook you have downloaded.


More importantly, Word will even be flexible in letting you choose how you want the document to appear on your Kindle. You can have it shown as an eBook, with adjustable font scaling and page layouts so you can read how you want, or as a printed document, letting you read the document as it is displayed in Word. You could already use the Send to Kindle service to export Word files to Kindle devices, but this new feature cuts down on the steps and time required.

There are a few catches. For one, if you make any ink annotations or edits to your document in Kindle, those won’t synchronize back into your Word document. That is a capability that, eventually, Microsoft plans to offer.

This feature is available for Beta and Preview users, as well as for Word for Mac Insiders. Microsoft also plans to roll this out to the web version of Word. For everyone else, it might take a few weeks for it to roll out.

Source: Microsoft

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