Quip Teledentistry app for virtual dental care

Telehealth is a booming industry servicing millions of patients as a convenient alternative to waiting in a crowded office for a simple prescription or opinion. While common for general health questions, the service has expanded into dentistry with companies like Quip supporting low-cost teledentistry. The new virtual service is a built-in feature of Quip’s handy app (for iPhone and Android), allowing patients to connect with real dentists without a trip to the office.

Known for its smart toothbrushes, Quip is enhancing how it promotes good oral hygiene by offering fast and convenient virtual dental care. The teledentistry service puts patients in contact with real certified dentists within 24 hours of a request, no matter the time of day. Quip’s teledentistry is a 24/7 service that complements in-office visits by helping wary patients get some of the answers they need about their oral care.

After filling out a brief assessment and providing photos of your smile, you can receive an oral health report, treatment plan, or prescription within 24 hours for just $35. More complex questions can be answered through a $50 full dental checkup, which involves more photos and a possible second opinion. You can even request a live video session with a dentist to discuss ongoing pain or dental emergencies. Some dental insurance plans may even cover the cost of these services, so be sure to check with your provider.

Teledentistry | As Low as $35 Out of Pocket | Quip

Quip’s service comes at a fraction of the price of an in-office visit, but it’s not a replacement for regular checkups and cleanings. Teledentistry minimizes the amount of time and money spent at the dentist for simple questions, allowing those triggered by the typical sounds and smells of a dentist’s office to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Quip’s teledentistry is an extension of the company’s line of smart toothbrushes. Used hand-in-hand, you can improve your oral care routine and more easily keep up with general care and concerns for a cleaner, brighter smile. Used in conjunction with regular in-office cleanings, you’ll significantly increase your oral hygiene and reduce instances of cavities and gum disease.

Quip Teledentistry

Minimize your time in the dentist's chair by having your questions answered virtually through this new convenient teledentistry service.

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