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OneDrive is already one of the best tools for storing your files online, and if you’ve ever used it for storing PDF documents, it’s about to become much more useful. Soon, you’ll be able to write on them without leaving your browser.

As detailed by Microsoft in its Microsoft 365 roadmap, OneDrive is getting two key capabilities to make document editing online much easier. The first, and most important, one is the ability to jot down things with hand-drawn ink in a document straight from OneDrive by using the Edit option. This will let you quickly sign a form or contract, fill out a few details, and more without needing a local editor or specialized tool. If a PDF also has fillable forms, you can also fill them up by typing. Then, once you do that, you can just save that edited PDF file to your OneDrive account.

It’s more common than ever these days to fill up documents electronically. It’s safer for the environment, as it doesn’t involve physically printing out paper, and it’s generally more convenient for all parties involved. And while for a contract you might prefer a more dedicated e-signing tool, this is good enough for e-filling and e-signing more casual things.

Microsoft’s roadmap website says that this should begin rolling out in May, so stay tuned to try it out then.

Source: Microsoft

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