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The date and time have been shown on the Windows taskbar for several years, but at least in the case of previous Windows versions, it wasn’t that hard to remove it. Now, though, Microsoft will let you hide it in the Windows 11 taskbar.

As of the latest Windows 11 Insider preview, build 23440, the operating system has gained the ability to remove the date and time from the taskbar, leaving a clear view of your system tray and your notification tray. To do so, you just need to right-click on this clock, choose “Adjust date and time,” and tweak the appropriate setting. Once you do so, the clock will disappear.

This setting is, of course, only available as of now for Insiders. People on the regular release scheme will likely get this down the road, sometime within the next few months. We also don’t recommend you hop into the Insider branch just for this feature. Bugs can, and probably will, arise, and they could disrupt your everyday workflow.

Other additions in the taskbar include a revival of an option to diagnose your Internet connection by right-clicking on the network icon, then clicking on “Diagnose network problems.” Upon clicking this, your operating system will look for things that are potentially wrong with your Internet connection, in order to try and nail down the culprit — whether it’s something on your end or on your ISP’s end.

If you’re an Insider, make sure to check out this update now.

Source: Microsoft

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