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Remove your Plex account PIN under Settings > Plex Home by clicking on "Edit PIN" next to the relevant user.

If you can't remember your admin account PIN you'll need to use the Plex PIN Reset tool instead.

You can use a PIN to secure different Plex accounts, making it easy to log in from any device (and removing the need to type a full password). You can also remove a PIN from your account, even if you don’t remember what it was.

Remove a PIN from Plex Using the Web App

If you know what your PIN is you can remove it fairly easily using the Plex Media Server web app. This is the same interface you would use to manage your Plex server. Head to the Plex web interface (you can use the “Open Plex” option in the Plex menu bar or system tray icon on a Windows or Mac desktop computer) and click on the Settings “cog” icon.

Access your Plex Media Server settings panel

Next, select Plex Home from the sidebar to the left of the screen. This option appears under the first category of options.

You’ll now see a list of users associated with your Plex Media Server household. If a PIN is required, it will say so next to each user account. Highlight a user and click “Edit PIN” to make changes.

To make changes to the standard Plex admin account that you used to set up your server, you’ll first need to enter the PIN.

Confirm your existing PIN to make changes

Once you’ve authorized the account, click on “Remove” underneath your profile image to remove the PIN from your account.

If you have Plex Pass you’ll be able to create additional users for other members of your household, known as managed accounts. You can remove the PIN from a managed account without authorizing first. Simply click “Edit PIN” from the list of users then use the “Remove” button to get rid of the PIN.

Forgot Your PIN? Remove it Using Plex PIN Reset

If you can’t remember your PIN you’ll need to use the Plex PIN Reset tool. To do this you’ll need to log in with your Plex Media Server account, enter your new PIN and confirm it by typing it again, then provide your current password and hit the “Update” button.

Reset your account PIN using the Plex PIN Reset tool

If you don’t know your Plex account password either then you’ll need to reset it using the “Forgot?” button on the Plex Account Sign in screen first.

Do More with Plex

Plex is an accomplished media server solution that has excellent client compatibility, works on almost any device, includes DLNA/UPnP media streaming, and even lets you watch movies and TV shows with your friends.

Alternatively, check out the best Plex alternatives like the free and open-source upstart Jellyfin.

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