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What to Look for in a Google Pixel Watch Band in 2023

Google’s first in-house smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, was unveiled in 2022 as a complimentary device to your Google Pixel phone. Since then, many folks have added the smartwatch to their everyday carry, taking advantage of its minimalist design, seamless integration with Fitbit health tracking tools, and handy widget system for glancing at information on the go.

Just like an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, it’s easy to customize the look and feel of your Pixel Watch with a new band. Google’s locking system for bands is completely proprietary, so when you’re shopping for a new band, you’ll need to make sure it’s compatible with the Pixel Watch.

In other words, you can’t search for “20 mm watch bands” and expect them to work; they’ll need the circular lugs that can be secured to the Pixel Watch’s outer frame. Luckily, the Pixel Watch is only offered in one size, so any band that advertises Pixel Watch compatibility should work fine.

When searching for the perfect band, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions. Where will you be wearing your Pixel Watch? Does it need to be made of a certain material? Are you trying to match a specific color scheme? Need it to look nice enough for the office while casual enough for a night on the town?

Asking these questions will ensure that you get the best Pixel Watch band (or bands!) for your needs.

We’d also like to point out that not every Pixel Watch band is created the same. Some have stronger lugs that can latch onto the Pixel Watch more securely, while others use cheaper materials and cut-outs that can lead to looser connections and a generally poorer experience.

Our picks below are all high-quality bands, some made by Google itself, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be choosing from the best Google Pixel Watch bands currently available.

Best Google Pixel Watch Band for Exercise: Google Pixel Watch Active Band

Google Pixel Watch band on pink background


  • Soft, flexible material
  • Completely water and sweat proof
  • Available in multiple colors


  • A bit pricey

The Google Pixel Watch Active Band is not only the perfect everyday strap for your Pixel Watch, but also the band we recommend for working out.

Its soft fluoroelastomer material, coupled with a soft-touch coating, is flexible and waterproof. The latching system offers excellent security—so you don’t have to worry about the watch falling off—and the lugs are made of stainless steel for a premium finish.

Admittedly, this band is sort of expensive. At $50, it’s pretty tempting to go shopping for an alternative silicone band. However, if you want the very best band to complement your active lifestyle, we highly suggest paying a bit more for premium Google quality.

Best Google Pixel Watch Band for Exercise

Google Pixel Watch Active Band

With a waterproof band and a study latch, if you want the best Pixel Watch band to compliment your active lifestyle, this is the one to get.

Best Google Pixel Watch Band for Swimming: Caseology Nano Pop Pixel Watch Band

Caseology Nano Pop band collage


  • Increased protection thanks to integrated case
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Extra secure latching system


  • Colors might not be for everyone
  • Adds bulk to your Pixel Watch

If you plan on swimming with your Pixel Watch, Caseology’s Nano Pop Band is worth picking up. The band adds extra protection to your watch with an integrated, military-grade protective case, compatible with screen protectors and made entirely of waterproof material.

The band uses a more traditional latch for increased security on your wrist while in the water, and all controls, from the crown to the side button, are easily accessible.

Of course, the band will add a bit of bulk to your Pixel Watch with its integrated case, and the two color options—Prune Charcoal and Blueberry Navy—might not be for everyone. That being said, this remains a great choice if you want to take a dive with your Pixel Watch and ensure it’ll stay on your wrist in the process.

Best Google Pixel Watch for Swimmers

Caseology Nano Pop

For swimmers who need something secure, we recommend Caseology's Nano Pop Band with Case for the Pixel Watch.

Best Stretch Google Pixel Watch Band: Google Pixel Watch Stretch Band

Google Pixel Watch Stretch Band being worn


  • Comfortable, stretchy material
  • Wide-ranging wrist sizes supported
  • Multiple color options
  • Sweat resistant


  • A bit pricey
  • Can get dirty quickly

Stretch bands are great for comfort and style, and the best one you can get is Google’s Pixel Watch Stretch Band. It uses a blend of recycled polyester and spandex yarns for a flexible but secure stretch, and the lugs use 50% post-consumer recycled plastic—so on top of comfort, you can know you’re being more eco-friendly by wearing it.

If you’re worried about the band fitting or matching your style, don’t be. The Stretch Band is available in three colors (Linen, Rose, and Obsidian), and size options are available for wrists ranging from 130mm to 210mm. Plus, the band is sweat resistant, so you can wear it to the gym without your wrist getting clammy.

At $60, the Stretch Band isn’t cheap, and you’ll have to clean it often since the material attracts dirt easily. Still, if you want something stretchy that’s comfortable and versatile, you’ll be happy with what Google has to offer.

Best Stretch Google Pixel Watch Band

Google Pixel Watch Stretch Band

For fans of stretchy watch bands, this option from Google won't disappoint. It's also partially made from recycled material!

Best Google Pixel Watch Band for Small Wrists: Miimall Slim Pixel Watch Band

Miimall bands on grey background


  • Slim, tapered design
  • Breathable silicone construction
  • Comes in multi-packs
  • Affordable


  • Not suited for dressing up

For folks with smaller wrists, check out Miimall’s Slim Bands for the Pixel Watch. These bands are made of an elastic silicone material with a tapered design that suits a thinner wrist and is breathable.

The latch is elongated in the shape of a pill, so it’ll stay securely on your wrist. Moreover, these bands come in three packs, giving you various colors and finishes.

The only real flaw with these slim bands is their appearance. They aren’t very versatile in their style, limiting you to wearing them as a casual compliment to your outfit of choice. That being said, they’re affordable and come in various colors so you will have some options.

Best Google Pixel Watch Band for Smaller Wrists

Miimall Google Pixel Watch Band

For skinnier wrists, check out Miimall's slim bands for the Pixel Watch. They're affordable and come in packs of three for a variety of colors to go with your look.

Best Leather Google Pixel Watch Band: Google Pixel Watch Crafted Leather Band

Google Pixel Watch Crafted Leather Band being worn


  • Genuine Italian leather
  • Elegant stitching
  • Stainless steel lugs


  • No brown option
  • A bit expensive

A leather band adds a timeless look to any watch, and if you’d like to achieve that style with your Pixel Watch, we recommend picking up Google’s Crafted Leather Band.

Available in Obsidian and Ivy, the band is made of luxe Italian leather with elegant stitching and stainless steel lugs. There are no two ways about it—this is one of the classiest bands you can get for your Pixel Watch.

Of course, at $80, it’s pretty expensive. It’s also unavailable in a more traditional brown finish, which is unusual for leather. But if you want the most well-crafted, luxurious leather band you can get, this is the one.

If you want to save a couple of bucks or are looking to add a brown leather look to your Pixel Watch, this BOTOMORE band is a great alternative. It’s made of genuine leather with a soft and comfortable finish, and the buckle and lugs are made of stainless steel.

Best Leather Google Pixel Watch Band

Google Pixel Watch Crafted Leather Band

If you want the timeless look of a leather band with your Pixel Watch, Google's Crafted Leather Band is perfect.

Best Google Pixel Watch Band for Sensitive Skin: Google Pixel Watch Woven Band

Google Woven Band lineup


  • Woven polyester yarn for comfort
  • Three color options
  • Sweat and water resistant


  • A bit pricey

If you’re shopping for a band that’s kind to sensitive skin, we’ve got just the one—the Google Pixel Watch Woven Band.

The band is made of recycled polyester yarn, which is soft and gentle on your skin. It’s breathable, offers sweat and water resistance, and is stylish in any color you choose, including Lemongrass, Coral, and Ivy.

Like all of Google’s watch bands, this one is pretty pricey at $60, but you’re paying for a well-crafted band that’s guaranteed to fit perfectly on your Pixel Watch.

Best Google Pixel Watch Band for Sensitive Skin

Google Pixel Watch Woven Band

With a band made of polyester yarn, Google's Woven Band for the Pixel Watch will do the trick for shoppers with sensitive skin.

Best Metal Google Pixel Watch Band: Miimall Google Pixel Watch Metal Link Band

Miimall steel band on green background


  • Stainless steel design
  • Easy to adjust with included kit
  • Four color options
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for smaller wrists

For those looking for a classy metal band for your Pixel Watch, Miimall’s Metal Link Band is an excellent choice. It’s made entirely of stainless steel with a no-gap design and comes in four colors—Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

The band ships with a tool to remove links easily, and the clasp in the middle is strong and sturdy. Miimall also says the steel will remain in good shape over time and won’t weigh your wrist down too much.

At around $20, the Metal Link Band is affordable for anyone wanting to add a little character to their Pixel Watch. The only downside is that this band isn’t ideal for smaller wrists—the links are wide, and it might be difficult to remove enough if your wrist is on the skinnier side.

Best Metal Google Pixel Watch Band

Miimall Metal Google Pixel Watch Bands

If you want to add a touch of class to your Pixel Watch with a metal band, this option from Miimall is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

To change the band on your Pixel Watch, press down on the band release button below each lug. Then, slide the band over the button and away from the watch itself, repeating these steps with the opposite band. Afterward, grab your new band and line it up with the edge of your Pixel Watch. Press it into the slot and slowly guide it along the edge of the release button until you hear a click. Repeat the process with the other band, and you'll be good to go.

Cleaning your Pixel Watch depends on the type of band you have. If it's silicone or other flat material, you can clean it with a damp cloth. If it's a fabric band like a woven or stretchable yarn, wash it in the sink with warm water and soap. Then, leave it to air dry. It's recommended not to put your bands in the washing machine as they can fray or shrink with excessive heat.

The Google Pixel Watch isn't waterproof, but water resistant. Google had the watch tested for waterproofing and received a rating of 5 ATM, which means it can be submerged under 50 meters of water and survive. You obviously don't want to be under 50 meters of water for an excessive amount of time, but if you're scuba diving or going for a swim, you'll be good to go.

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