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In the process of expanding its 5G network, T-Mobile also needs to actually pull people into the network. One of its approaches is, of course, to lure customers from other carriers and make them go magenta. Its new plans might just do the job.

T-Mobile has just announced two new cell plans, dubbed “Go5G” and “Go5G Plus.” These are perhaps T-Mobile’s highest-end, and most expensive, plans, with the Go5G Plus plan costing $90 per month. The latter is described by T-Mobile as a “supercharged” version of the Magenta MAX plan, which makes sense given its many perks. The Go5G plan offers 15GB of hotspot data and 10GB of data in Mexico and Canada, while the Go5G Plus plan bumps that up, respectively, to 50GB and 15GB.

One perk that comes with these plans, at least for a limited time, is one called “Easy Unlock.” With it, T-Mobile is more than willing to let you trade in any phone you have with either AT&T or Verizon, even if it’s locked. And if you still owe money to those carriers at the moment of canceling, T-Mobile will also fork up to $650 so you can pay it down. And if you’re unhappy with the switch, T-Mobile will also give you back up to $50 so you can switch back to your previous carrier, as long as you decide to do so within the first 30 days.

With all of this, T-Mobile wants potential new customers to “break free” from their previous carriers. The perks are surely enticing. The plans will be launching on April 23rd, at which point you’ll be able to visit T-Mobile’s switch portal to get started with them.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: USA Today, The Mobile Report

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