Acer Predator X34 V monitor

Acer sells some of the best monitors around, especially its gaming-focused models. Now the company is introducing two new options that will pair nicely with any gaming PC.

Acer has just announced a pair of monitors as part of its latest announcements. The Predator X34 V (pictured above) and the Nitro XZ452CU V (pictured below). These monitors are both ultrawides, but they’re a different kind of ultrawide. One of them, the Nitro, goes to a bleeding-edge 32:9 aspect ratio, while the other, the Predator is more conservative, but still very wide, at 21:9.

The Nitro has a massive 44.5-inch display and a 165Hz refresh rate, and the Predator has a huge 34-inch panel with a 175Hz refresh rate. Both of them have a vertical resolution of 1440p, ensuring crisp-looking games, as well as AMD FreeSync Premium to help with latency. The Nitro also comes with a USB-C port that can work for device charging, data transfer, and even video.

Acer monitor
Acer Nitro XZ452CU V Acer

The Nitro will set you back $999, while the Predator goes up to $1,299. There are no pre-order links yet, so keep an eye on Acer’s website to find out when you can buy one.

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