Samsung microSD card

MicroSD is the external storage of choice for everything from smartphones to dashcams. Now you can get one of Samsung’s best 128 GB cards for just $12 on Amazon.

The Samsung EVO Select 128 GB microSD card is now on sale, which is rated for both A2 and V30. The A2 class means it’s the best available card for storing applications and games, which makes it a better option for devices like the Nintendo Switch or Android smartphones.

The sequential read speed maxes out at around 130 MB/s, which is still far below a full-size SSD, but close to the best you can get with microSD. The 256 GB capacity is also on sale for $21, though it has been on sale for less recently, and the 512 GB card is discounted to $40.

Samsung EVO Select 128 GB microSD

This 128 GB microSD card is designed for 4K video recording, running applications, and other tasks that need higher read and write speeds.

If you need a microSD card for a device that is constantly writing to storage, like a dash cam or home camera, you should pick up Samsung’s 128 GB Pro Endurance card instead. It’s also on sale, down from an MSRP of $27.99 to $15.36. It doesn’t have the same A2 rating as the above-mentioned Select card, but it does advertise a lifespan of up to 70,080 hours recording video.

The Pro Endurance card still has a V30 rating, so it should work fine for recording 1080p and 4K video. If you’ve been waiting to boost your dash cam’s recording time, or you need storage for an action camera or security cam, this is the better one to buy.

Samsung PRO Endurance 128 GB MicroSD

This SD card is purpose-built for devices that constantly record video, like security cameras or action cams.

Both of the microSD cards come with a microSD-to-SD adapter, in case you don’t already have a pile of those in a drawer.

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