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On Windows, open your PowerPoint presentation and click File > Export > Create a Video, configure the options, and click "Create Video." In Mac, select File > Export, set the video options, and choose "Export." Then, insert a blank DVD in your computer. On Windows, click the disc prompt, choose "Burn Files to Disc," select the "With a CD/DVD Player" option, click "Next," and drag and drop your video file. On Mac, open Finder, select the DVD drive, paste your video file, and click "Burn."

Want to showcase your PowerPoint presentation using a good old DVD player? If so, it’s quick and easy to burn a presentation to your disc using just the built-in tools on your Windows or Mac machine. Here’s how.

To burn a PowerPoint presentation to a DVD, you first create a video file out of your presentation, then use a built-in tool on your Windows or Mac computer to burn that file to your DVD. You will need a blank DVD-R or a usable DVD-RW or DVD+RW, plus a DVD writer, so make sure you have one before proceeding. The LG GP65NB60 is an affordable and solid external disc drive that will work for this.

Step 1: Make a Video File From Your PowerPoint Presentation

The first step is to turn your PPTX into a video file. To do this, you’ll use a built-in option in the PowerPoint app. Follow the section below for your specific operating system, and you’ll have your presentation’s video file ready.

On Windows

Open your presentation in PowerPoint. Then, in the app’s top-left corner, click “File.”

Select "File" in the top-left corner.

From the left sidebar, select “Export.”

Choose "Export" in the left sidebar.

On the right pane, choose “Create a Video.”

Select "Create a Video" on the right.

On the far right pane, you’ll see a “Create a Video” section. Here, click the first drop-down menu and choose “Full HD.” This ensures your video file is high-quality. You can choose a lower resolution if you want to save storage, but that’ll degrade your video quality too.

Next up, in the “Seconds Spent on Each Slide” box, enter the amount of time for which a slide is played in your video. The default is 5 seconds, and you can change this to anything you want.

After configuring those options, click “Create Video” to start making your video file.

Choose "Create Video."

An “Export Video” window will open. Here, choose the folder to save your video file in, and click “Export.”

Choose a folder and select "Save."

In PowerPoint’s bottom bar, you’ll see the video making status. When this finishes, your video file will be ready.

Video-making progress.

On Mac

Open your presentation with PowerPoint on your Mac. From the app’s menu bar, select File > Export.

On the open window, in the “Where” drop-down menu, choose the folder where you want to save your video file. From the “File Format” drop-down menu, choose “MP4.” You’ll now see a few more options appear on your window.

Click the “Quality” drop-down menu and choose “Presentation Quality.” In the “Seconds Spent on Each Slide Without a Set Timing” menu, select the number of seconds a slide should be played for in your video file. Then, at the bottom, click “Export.”

PowerPoint’s bottom bar will display the video-making process. When the process finishes, your video file is ready.

Step 2: Burn Your PowerPoint Video to a DVD

Now that you have your PowerPoint presentation converted to a video file, let’s burn this video to a DVD on your Windows or Mac machine.

On Windows

Start by inserting a blank DVD into your computer’s DVD writer. In your screen’s bottom-right corner, you’ll see a prompt. Click it.

Select Windows' disc prompt.

Note: If yours is a DVD-RW or +RW disc, you may have to format it before you can use it. Windows will guide you on how to do this.

In the menu that opens, choose “Burn Files to Disc.”

Select "Burn Files to Disc."

A “Burn a Disc” window will launch. Here, click the “Disc Title” field and enter a name for your disc. Then, choose the “With a CD/DVD Player” option and click “Next.” (Choosing this option ensures your disc plays on many media players out there.)

Configure the DVD.

You’ll see a File Explorer window. Here, drag the PowerPoint video file you created earlier, and Windows will burn it on your disc. And that’s it.

On Mac

Begin by inserting a blank DVD into your Mac’s DVD writer. (If you don’t already have a DVD writer, Apple USB SuperDrive is a good choice.) Open a Finder window, and from the left sidebar, select your disc (which will be titled “Untitled”). Now, copy your presentation video and paste it here in this folder.

Then, in Finder’s top-right corner, click “Burn” to begin burning your video to your DVD. A window will open. Here, enter a title for your disc and click “Burn.” Your Mac will begin burning your presentation video to your DVD. You’re then all set.

And that’s how you bring your PowerPoint presentation onto a DVD for you to play it on your favorite DVD player. Happy presenting!

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