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Netflix predates the age of video streaming by a good few years. The company had its start in 1998 as a DVD-by-mail rental service, and that option is still around. That’s changing soon, though.

Netflix has announced that it’s killing off its DVD rentals after 25 years in service. While it hasn’t been the company’s main focus for years, you’re currently able to go to and rent a DVD like in the days of old. Now, though, that service is being discontinued. It’s, as you may imagine, a service that keeps shrinking more and more by the year — movie rentals are largely dead with the age of the internet and digital streaming, as you might have noticed by the death of Blockbuster. Remember Blockbuster?

With this, Netflix is putting one of the longest-running Internet services to a close. Netflix will ship the very last rental DVDs out to customers by September 29th, at which point the service will be discontinued completely and Netflix will become digital-only.

If you still rent movies, or if you just want to do it once for the memories, make sure to do it sometime within the next five months before it’s gone completely.

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