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Samsung phones and tablets have included an app called Samsung Free for several years, which is mostly a news reader with some additional media content. Now the app is getting a new name and consolidated features.

Samsung today announced a new app, Samsung News, which will replace Samsung Free on devices in the United States with an update now rolling out. If your phone or tablet doesn’t have the older app, Samsung News will be available to download directly from the Galaxy Store.

The new and improved app is similar to Google Feed or Apple News, displaying news articles that Samsung thinks you might want to read. There will also be a “Following” tab with news stories from sources you specifically pick. Samsung also says it is “working with a team of experienced news editors to bring users the top headlines of the day” to create daily briefings in the morning and at night.

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Samsung News also has a podcasts page, like the Samsung Free app before it, with a collection of entertainment and news podcasts. However, the live TV and games hub from Samsung Free are not present. That’s not much of a loss — there are already plenty of other ways to find games on Galaxy phones, and the same live channels are accessible from Samsung TV Plus (which is already pre-installed on some Galaxy devices).

The updated app seems to be more of a direct competitor to Apple News, but if you’re serious about keeping up with your favorite news sources and podcasts, you’re better off with dedicated apps that have more features. Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, and even Spotify are capable cross-platform podcast players, while apps like Feedly or Google Feed/Discover can help you stay informed.

Source: Samsung, TechCrunch

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