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OneNote is one of the most underrated apps in the Microsoft 365 suite, especially if you have a tablet with a stylus. Now, it’s easier than ever to erase stuff you wrote.

OneNote for Windows has just introduced a brand new gesture to quickly erase things you wrote. In many handwriting apps, you need to reach for the eraser tool if you want to get rid of something you wrote. Now, though, it’s much easier. Just scratch it out — draw a scribble on top of the ink content you want to erase, and watch it disappear. It’s basically like striking through handwriting in real life, except this motion actually makes content disappear.


If you frequently make mistakes in notes, constantly reaching for the eraser and switching back can be an annoying experience, which is why this is a huge improvement in usability. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can also disable it by going to File > Options > Advanced > Pen.

The new erase gesture is only available to people in the Beta Channel of OneNote for Windows, but if testing goes well, it’ll likely roll out to everyone within the next few weeks or months. It’s not coming to the “OneNote for Windows 10” app, since Microsoft is working on replacing that app entirely with the regular Windows version.

Source: Microsoft

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