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Nearby Share is Google’s version of AirDrop for Android devices and Chromebooks, and more recently, it has arrived on Windows PCs. Thanks to an unofficial tool, you can (sort of) use it on Macs.

An unofficial tool for adding Nearby Share to Mac computers has been released. It’s called NearDrop, and it basically allows you to share things wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to your Mac. It can be very useful if you’re not invested enough in the Apple ecosystem to use an iPhone, but you still have a Mac, as it can help you transfer files to your computer wirelessly easily.

There are a few caveats, though. For starters, while Nearby Share can work over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, this unofficial tool only allows it to share files to your Mac through Wi-Fi. Sharing also works in only one direction at this time — you can share files into your Mac, but not from your Mac to your phone. It will also always show as “Visible to everyone,” so you should turn on the tool only when you’re going to share files.

It’s a great tool that can really simplify your life quite a bit. You can download it from the GitHub repository.

Source: Reddit
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