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Wordle was all the rage last year, and even though the game is still going, most people moved onto something else. One of the many Wordle clones, bought by Spotify, is about to shut down.

Spotify has announced that its Heardle music game will be shut down over the coming days. This was announced without much fanfare, with users logging into the game and finding a shutdown notice upon loading it. Starting on May 5, 2023, the game will stop being accessible, and if you’d like to save your stats, you have until May 4 to do so.

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Heardle was similar to Wordle — you had six attempts to guess something, but instead of guessing a word, you get to hear the intro of a song and guess what song it is. At its peak, Heardle was played by millions of users monthly, with a peak of 69 million visits in March 2022. When Spotify bought it out, it was still being played by millions. The Wordle craze largely died down after the game was acquired by The New York Times, and it’s no surprise that its clones suffered a similar, if not worse, fate.

If you were still playing this game, then our condolences to you. Chances are you weren’t, though.

Source: TechCrunch

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