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To get rid of an unread direct message that won't go away in Discord, open your DMs and click the "Nitro" tab just below the "Friends" tab. If that doesn't fix it, try updating Discord or clearing the app cache.

If the Discord desktop or web app is showing you have an unread direct message (DM) even though you’ve read all your DMs, you’re not alone. We’ve run into this annoying problem ourselves, but it’s easy to fix.

How to Remove a Stuck DM Notification in Discord

The most likely cause of a Discord direct message alert that won’t go away is a promotion for Nitro, Discord’s premium subscription service. The solution is to click the “Nitro” tab in your DMs, located in the left-hand conversation menu just below the Friends tab.

If you’re like us, you’re used to ignoring ads, which is probably why the problem is so common. Unfortunately, Discord will hold your DM notifications hostage until you at least look at its Nitro promo.

In our case, Discord was giving us a free trial of Nitro, and you may want to take advantage of that. If you decide it’s not worth paying for, you can always cancel your Nitro subscription before the trial period ends.

What to Do If the DM Notification Is Still There

If you don’t have a Nitro promo and clicking the Nitro tab doesn’t work, and you’re certain you’ve read all of your DMs, the next thing to try is updating Discord. Failing that, you can also clear Discord’s cache files, which can solve many problems like a stuck notification.

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