Microsoft went all into the mixed reality ecosystem with its HoloLens and, afterward, the HoloLens 2. Over a year after the update’s arrival on normal computers, HoloLens is recieving an update to Windows 11.

Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will be rolling out as a free upgrade for HoloLens users and businesses using HoloLens units. Most of the improvements coming to the platform as part of said upgrade are business focused, of course — there’s support for Teams, improved 3D annotations, and improved security features.

The company also showed off Dynamics 365 Guides 8.0, which has an impressive augmented reality ink feature. It was already possible to draw on top of flat surfaces with a HoloLens, but Microsoft developed a new annotation system for drawing in 3D.

A 3D drawing on top of an engine in HoloLens

Microsoft explains in a blog post, “Our introduction of intelligent plane selection and plane caching led to significant gains in reliability for our remote experts. Remote Experts are now able to draw on highly complex surfaces, such as engine parts and automobile skeletons, with confidence that any ink placed will appear as they intended.”

Microsoft is largely understood to not be working on HoloLens 3 or any kind of consumer HoloLens as of now, and by the time it does, we’ll probably already have Windows 12. Still, we’d like to see HoloLens become a real product at some point.

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