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The best streaming devices are in a never-ending race to the bottom. Walmart just introduced its new Google TV 4K streaming box, coming at just under $20.

Walmart has been selling Android TV and Google TV streaming devices under its “onn.” brand for a few years now, and now there’s a new model: the “onn. Google TV 4K Streaming Box.” It’s physically identical to the previous 4K streaming box, but it’s now using the Google TV interface, instead of the “stock” Android TV software that Google no longer actively develops. It supports 4K output with Dolby Audio support, but seemingly not Dolby Video or any other HDR technology.

The product page says the device also has Wi-Fi 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5), 2 GB RAM, and 8 GB storage. Walmart is light on other detials, but there’s a device listed in the device catalog of Google Play Console which appears to be the new box. That page says the device is running Google TV 12 on an Amlogic AMLS905Y4 chipset.

Google Play Console image with specifications
The Google Play Console listing, with more specifications

The hardware specifications aren’t high-end by any stretch of the imagination, and the 8 GB storage will still be a problem — uninstalling apps to make room for other apps was a common frustration with the previous model. You’re probably still better off with a Roku Express 4K+ unless you specifically need Android TV. Granted, the Roku Express 4K+ is $20 more than Walmart’s box, but it has the advantage of HDR support and (likely) better performance.

The new 4K box is listed on Walmart’s website as “out of stock,” but it may be available at some physical Walmart locations.

Via: AFTVnews

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