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Mozilla is working to update its Thunderbird email client from an outdated legacy tool into a more modern and efficient application. Now the developers are asking for your help to prioritize improvements.

Thunderbird has published a blog post saying that it actively monitors user requests and suggestions for new features and improvements. Through the Mozilla Connect platform, people can suggest new features, and if other Thunderbird users like it, they’ll upvote those suggestions — and perhaps reach the Thunderbird developer team.

The post also shares some of the hottest suggestions on the platform right now. The top one at the moment is an Android version of Thunderbird, which has been in the works for months now, but there are a number of other suggestions. These include support for Firefox Translations, Google Chat integration, email scheduling, and even a web version of Thunderbird. You should check out the full list to see if any of them catches your eye, and of course, if you have a good idea of your own, you can also throw it into Mozilla Connect.

These 20 highlighted suggestions are within the Thunderbird team’s radar, and while it’s not certain that they will be implemented anytime soon, there’s a real chance that might happen.

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