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Samsung released the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e in early 2019, serving as the company’s best Android phones until the S20 series arrived the following year. Unfortunately, all three phones are now out of software support.

When the Galaxy S10 series first arrived, Samsung only promised two years of major Android OS upgrades and security patches for another additional year. That paled in comparison to Apple’s software support for iPhones, so Samsung gradually raised that to the current pledge of four years of OS updates and five years of security patches. Samsung extended the Galaxy S10’s software support, but not quite to the extent that its current phones receive — all three models recieved Android 12 in 2022, marking the third major update for the phones.

Unfortunately, system security updates for the S10 series have now ended, and all three phones are now fully out of software support. Most apps and services will continue to work for a while, but as time goes on, the security vulnerabilities that Google fixes each month won’t be pushed to S10 devices. If you own a Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e, you’re more at risk of malware and other issues with each passing day.

Making matters worse, the Galaxy S10 series in the United States does not have unlockable bootloaders, so you can’t even switch to a custom ROM to continue receiving security updates from community developers. The only real solution is to buy a new phone — Apple is still the king of long-term software support for phones, and Samsung’s latest flagship and mid-range devices will get 5 years of security patches (starting from when they are released).

If you have a Galaxy S10 phone and you can’t upgrade for now, the built-in Google Play Protect should prevent most forms of app-based malware. Google Chrome and other browsers also still support Android 12 (the last update for the S10 series), keeping you protected from web vulnerabilities. In fact, Chrome still supports OS versions as old as Android 7.0, as of version 112.

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