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T-Mobile has been building up its 5G-powered home internet service for a few years, and in many areas, it’s a viable alternative to traditional home internet. T-Mobile now appears to be working on actual wired home internet, too.

T-Mobile has quietly started advertising 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps fiber optic internet (not 5G-based internet) in the cities of Pueblo and Northglenn in Colorado, as well as New York City, according to reports from Reddit. The price for 500 Mbps was advertised as $55 per month — just $5 more than the current 5G home internet plan with AutoPay — with no price listed for the 1 Gbps option.

There’s also now a website for the service, which advertises “no annual contracts, no extra fees, and no additional costs for equipment or installation.” T-Mobile also provides “a powerful Wi-Fi 6 router” at no additional cost.

It’s great to see more competition for fiber internet, but it’s not clear how quickly T-Mobile is hoping to roll out the service to more locations. Google has struggled to roll out its Fiber internet service across the United States — the company stopped all expansion plans in 2016, and only continued in 2022. T-Mobile said in November 2022 that its 5G home internet covers “more than 40 million homes nationwide” in the United States.

T-Mobile hasn’t officially announced the service yet, so it’s unclear if the company has grand plans to cover much of the United States, or limit its rollout to select metro areas like Google Fiber.

Source: T-Mobile Fiber, Fierce Wireless

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