The Elegoo PHECDA Laser Engraver sitting in a pristine room

Invest in cutting-edge technology at an affordable price during Elegoo’s Kickstarter campaign for the PHECDA laser engraver and cutter machine. It features a revolutionary design and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to master. For a limited time, take advantage of sizable early-bird savings, bringing the 10W model down to $240 ($160 off) and the 20W version to $400 ($267 off)—a full 60% off the typical market value for competing machines.

Engrave Your Vision Into Reality

The PHECDA laser engraving machine is setting a new industry standard, offering formidable power at a low price tag. With the affordability of Elegoo‘s newest model, you can gain access to the latest in engraving technology while also driving development for future innovations through feedback and data, all for much less than you’d pay for competing machines.

This desktop laser engraver will provide you with a safe workspace for every use. The PHECDA from Elegoo is equipped with a built-in purification system that filters harmful particles out of the air that are generated through the engraving process. The effectiveness of the smoke-filtering device is coupled with a magnetically sealed light-shielding cover to create a quiet, mostly enclosed engraving environment. You’ll be able to work efficiently as the machine keeps you protected from harmful gas emissions, while also saving up to 60% on your purchase when compared to similar configurations on the market.

The Elegoo PHECDA Laser Engraver Kickstarter Pricing Info

Save During Elegoo’s Kickstarter Campaign

Depending on the package you choose, as well as its availability and shipping date, you can save on the Elegoo PHECDCA Laser Engraver 10W and 20W models now through May 22, 2023. Select the package and time frame that’s right for you and invest in innovative laser engraving technology for less today.

When shipped in June 2023, you can get the PHECDA 10W for $240 ($160 off) or the PHECDA PRO 20W for $400 ($267 off). There are only 500 units of each model available at this price point, so you’ll want to get yours ordered before they’re all gone.

The Elegoo PHECDA Laser Engraver sitting in a pristine room

If you need more than just the machine itself, the PHECDA 10W model with five filter cartridges is available for only $270 ($180 off), and it’s expected to ship in July 2023. Or you can pay $360 ($240 off) for the 10W version, plus five filter cartridges, a rotary attachment, and a honeycomb working panel, all of which are expected to ship in August 2023.

You can also get the PHECDA PRO 20W with five filter cartridges for just $430 ($287 off) when shipped in August 2023, or pay only $520 ($347 off) for a September 2023 shipping date. September shipments of the 20W model will include five filter cartridges, a rotary attachment, and a honeycomb working panel.

There are plenty of purchasing options available through Elegoo’s PHECDA Laser Engraver Kickstarter campaign, so be sure to look through them carefully and take note of their estimated shipping dates before making a final purchase.

Elegoo PHECDA Laser Engraving Machine

The Elegoo PHECDA laser engraver and cutter machine combines innovation with affordability.