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Google Chrome is adding new features all the time, though it usually takes a while for them to roll out to everyone. The browser is now experimenting with the ability to grant a permission one time to a given site.

Usually, when you grant a permission to a site through your browser, the site can use that permission again at any point until you revoke access. Google just added a new experimental feature flag to Chrome, called “One time permission,” which allows you to grant access to your location, camera, or microphone to a site for just one time. After you close the tab, the site must request permission again the next time you open it.

Asking for location in Chrome Canary

The ability to grant a permission once without continued access is already common on mobile devices, so it’s not a surprise to see Chrome implement it as well. The iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 updates for iPhone and iPad, respectively, added an “Allow Once” button to location requests as an alternative to constant access. Google later implemented the same feature on Android 11.

You can try this out for yourself by downloading the latest build of Chrome Canary, opening chrome://flags/#one-time-permission (copy and paste that into the address bar), switching the highlighted dropdown menu to “Enabled,” and restarting the browser when asked. Then visit any page that requests access to your location, microphone, or camera, like Google Maps.

It’s not clear when the new permissions will roll out to everyone, but it does seem functional already.

Source: GitHub

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