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Google releases a new Chrome update once every four weeks, as of Chrome 94. Starting today, Chrome 112 will be available to everyone.

Chrome 112 is scheduled for a full rollout today, following a week-long test period with a small percentage of users. You might not notice anything different, since Google usually rolls out new features on a different schedule unrelated to the version number. This release is the usual mix of security improvements, bug fixes, and new APIs for developers. For example, Chrome 112 introduces support for nesting CSS style rules inside other rules — that’s exciting for web developers, but not so much for everyone else.

There is some interesting work happening behind the scenes, though. Google is preparing a redesign for Chrome that is expected to be done sometime in 2023, inspired by the Material You design language that is already used on Android, ChromeOS, and some of Google’s web apps. There’s also a new “Reading Mode” that is available as an experiment, which is expected to arrive for everyone in Chrome 114.

Even though this update isn’t too exciting, you should accept the update as soon as it appears — each Chrome update has critical security fixes that help protect your devices.

How to Update Google Chrome

Chrome will automatically install the update on your computer, phone, or tablet when it’s available. To immediately check for and install any available updates, click the three-dot menu icon and click Help > About Google Chrome.

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