Playing Wordle and guessing "Clone" as the first word attempt.

The best Wordle alternatives and clones include, Absurdle, TypeRacer, Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords), Letterpress, Hangman, and Waffle.

If you’ve played Wordle to death and want something new that scratches the same itch, you’re in luck—there are tons of available alternatives and clones that will give you similar levels of fulfillment.

Why the World Needs Wordle Alternatives

Wordle is one of those games that perfectly straddles the border of “easy to understand” and “hard to master.” Due to its excellent balance, it became very accessible for English speakers worldwide.

Following its rise in popularity in 2022, many companies began trying to cash in on the “simple word game” popularity. These are mostly well-received, as the simplicity of Wordle’s gameplay left many players hungry for different word games.

Additionally, since Wordle only has one puzzle per day, many people are left unsatisfied. The majority of Wordle alternatives and clones don’t have these limits.

People playing online. is a game that combines drawing pictures and guessing what those pictures represent. In this multiplayer game, one person draws the prompt they are given while others attempt to guess that word prompt.

After each round, the role of the artist is passed on to another player. There are points given for both guessing correct word prompts and for having people correctly guess what you have drawn.

Compared to Wordle, this alternative offers a multiplayer experience as well as chances to flex your artistic prowess. If you enjoy playing word and art games with others online, may be a great choice for you.


A player winning an Absurdle game.

If you’re looking for a game that’s basically Wordle but with infinite replays, Absurdle is one of the better options.

There are two major differences between Absurdle and Wordle: Absurdle lets you play as much as you want with new secret words every time and Absurdle gives you fewer hints.

With that said, it’s definitely a blatant clone. There’s nothing wrong with that either, as, in the end, many agree that the unlimited plays are an improvement over Wordle’s stingy one puzzle per day policy.

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A game of TypeRcaer beginning.

TypeRacer is all about how fast you can type. At the beginning of the game, you’re shown a paragraph that you’ll need to type as fast as possible. After a short countdown, you must type out the entire paragraph before anyone else does. The first one to finish typing the whole paragraph with no errors wins.

This is a multiplayer game, so you’re competing against other real people in real time. As such, if you have a competitive spirit, TypeRacer can be a lot of fun. You can also use this game as a way to train yourself to type faster.

There aren’t too many similarities to Wordle here—this one is for players who want a speed-related typing challenge that pits them against other players.

Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords)

Playing the first daily puzzle of this crossword-themed game.

If Wordle reminds you of old-school crossword puzzles, and you want to get back into them, then consider checking out Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords). This game is just like the old-fashioned crossword puzzles you’d find in puzzle magazines and newspapers—but without the hassle of needing a pen or pencil.

You’re given a grid that’s partially filled in with letters. Your job is to fill in all the blank spaces with the available letters given to you. The game has multiple puzzles that range in difficulty from easy to hard. That way, you’ll always find a puzzle that suits your preferences.

Codeword Puzzles (Crosswords) is a solid Wordle alternative if you need more depth in a word game but still like the objective of guessing words. There’s also a Scrabble-like vibe here for fans of the classic board game.


Playing Letterpress against someone else.

Letterpress is a two-player game where you take turns spelling words. The goal of the game is to spell as many words as possible with the letters given to you on the board. The player with the most points wins.

To get more points, you need to make a word by selecting letters that are surrounding letters that are highlighted with the opposing player’s color. The longer the word, the better! The game ends when all letters have been used at least once.

The minimalist style is perfect for those who want a simple game with which to kill some time and not expend too much mental energy. This makes Letterpress fit into a similar niche as Wordle, but with a multiplayer aspect. On top of that, you can play multiple Letterpress games at a time so that you’re not waiting around for potentially slow-acting opponents.


Someone playing a game of Hangman.

Yet another classic word game that Wordle was probably partially inspired by. Hangman has come in many shapes and forms over the years, so there are plenty of free versions of it out there. This game involves trying to guess a word one letter at a time, however, if you guess wrong too many times, you lose.

On the website linked above, you can play Hangman by yourself in timed and untimed formats as well as with other players online. These variations give you options that you may find more fun and challenging.

Compared to Wordle, you’ll have an even more pressing desire to succeed. Otherwise, a fictional character gets hanged! Thankfully, the consequences aren’t real, but the position you’re put in when playing Hangman always feels more significant than Wordle’s minimalist lack of consequences (and replays).


Playing Waffle: a Wordle clone where you guess words on a waffle-shaped grid.

Here’s a take on Wordle that may make you a bit hungry! Waffle is a Wordle clone where you must guess six words at once on a waffle-shaped grid. The goal of this game is to swap letters around until you’ve found every word.

However, you only have 13 swaps with which to solve the puzzle. Otherwise, it’s game over—for the entire day. That’s right, Wordle’s one-play-per-day rule has found its way into Waffle.

This is a game for those who need a more complex challenge than Wordle provides (as well as for those who like delicious breakfast foods). The same minimalist design and color-coding per letter tile help give Waffle a similar easy-on-the-eyes tone. Just be sure to keep the maple syrup away from your electronic device…

If you still haven’t found a good Wordle alternative, there are more we aren’t covering here but are still worth checking out, like Antiwordle and Quordle.

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