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Do you struggle for a decent night’s sleep or constantly fight to focus on the task in front of you? It may be a matter of being overstressed, and Apollo thinks it can help. The Apollo Wearable is a simple touch therapy device designed to send slight vibrations to your body to improve your overall quality of life.

Worn on your wrist or ankle, or clipped to your clothing, the Apollo Wearable aims to tackle stress by soothing the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. According to the researchers behind the Wearable, when we’re in modes of high stress, the sympathetic branch is activated, causing our bodies to overwork and leave us feeling tired, overwhelmed, and distracted. The Apollo Wearable was made to reduce feelings of anxiety through novel touch therapy supported by haptics from software startup Lofelt. The tiny, silent sound waves are believed to balance the sympathetic branch of the nervous system, returning you to a state of calm.

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The Apollo Wearable syncs with the Apollo Neuro app (available on iOS and Android) so you can maximize the potential for better sleep and reduced stress. Though the app doesn’t track biometrics, it’s designed to play an active part in improving your heart rate variability (HRV), which could lead to a healthier lifestyle. The app unlocks access to scheduling and the ability to adjust the intensity of the device’s vibrations. Choose the mode that suits your goals and the Apollo Wearable will tailor its vibrations to fit.

If you’re a student, work in a high-stress job, live with anxiety, or struggle with stress-induced insomnia, you may want to consider picking up the Apollo Wearable. We can’t promise it’ll work for you, of course, but depending on your levels of daily stress and the impact it has on your quality of life, it may be worth a try.

Apollo Wearable

Apollo's wearable device syncs with the Apollo Neuro app to try and minimize user stress and improve sleep cycles.

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