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To change how Discord's font looks, go to User Settings > Appearance and adjust scaling or enable "Classic Chat Text Size." You can also use formatting tools to stylize fonts in your messages, but you can't change the Discord app's font itself to a different font.

Want to change how fonts look on Discord? While your options are limited, you do have a few ways to change how Discord’s system font appears on your screen, and you can also stylize fonts in your Discord messages. Here are your options.

Option 1: Change Font Scaling on Discord

One way to change how the gg sans font appears in Discord is by changing the app’s font scaling. You can scale the font up or down in both your desktop and mobile app. Here’s how.

On Desktop

Open Discord, and in the bottom-left corner, click “User Settings” (a gear icon).

Select "User Settings" at the bottom.

In the left sidebar, select “Appearance.”

On the right pane, scroll down to the “Chat Font Scaling” header. Here, make the font smaller by dragging the slider to the left, or increase the font size by dragging the slider to the right.

Change Discord font scaling.

On the same page, you can use options like “Space Between Message Groups” and “Zoom Level” to further customize your viewing experience in the app.

On Android and iPhone

Open Discord, and in the bottom bar, tap your profile icon.

On your profile page, tap the “Appearance” option.

Choose "Appearance."

In the “Appearance” menu, zoom in or out of your screen using the “Zoom Level” slider. To use slightly smaller font size for your chats, toggle on the “Classic Chat Text Size” option.

Customize Discord's font appearance on mobile.

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Option 2: Change the Font Style in Your Discord Messages

While you can’t change the font used in the app, you can indeed change font styles for your Discord messages. You can use one of the online font generator tools that generate your text in various styles, and you can then copy and paste these stylized texts in your messages.

Note: These font generators technically are not changing the font in your app. Instead, they use various Unicode symbols to change how your text appears in your messages.

Some of the font generators you can use are Font Generator Guru, LingoJam, and FontSpace. Access one of these sites, type your text, and choose a font style. Then, copy the resulting text and paste it in your Discord message.

A font generator.

Option 3: Colorize Your Discord Font Using Code Blocks

Another way to customize your Discord font is by adding your text inside a code block. When you do this, Discord uses the Consolas font for your message instead of the regular gg sans font.

To do that, add three backticks before and after your message, and Discord will turn your message into a code block. Here’s an example of that:

Tip: On most keyboards, the backtick button is located to the left of the 1 key in your number row.
```This text uses the Consolas font```

A Discord message in a code block.

If you’d like to change your font’s color, you can do so by using Rebane’s site in your web browser. Open this site, choose your favorite font color, type your text, and select “Copy Text as Discord Formatted.”

Colorize Discord font.

Then, return to your Discord chat screen and paste the message. Everyone in your Discord channel or DM will see your colorized message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Font Does Discord Use?

Discord currently uses the font named gg sans. According to Discord, its name comes from the common “GG” saying, which is short for “good game.” You’ll see this font in each Discord service you use, including the desktop app, Android and iPhone apps, web app, website, and even blog. Discord says they’ve used this custom font so they can continue to enhance it and improve user experience.

Did the Discord Font Change?

Yes, Discord changed its official font from “Whitney” to gg sans in December 2022. This change was rolled out to all the Discord services and apps, including the desktop app, mobile app, web app, website, and blog. If you still see the old font in your app, update your app to the latest version, and you’ll have access to the new font.

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