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Microsoft has been rapidly building up its Bing Chat AI service over the past few weeks. Today the company announced a few upgrades coming to Bing Chat, including better search abilities and less restrictive limits.

Microsoft confirmed in a blog post that Bing Chat can now send 20 messages without starting a new conversation, up from the previous limit of 15. The daily limit for all messages has also been boosted from 150 to 200. The conversation limit was 10 messages until earlier this month, and before that, there was no limit — which allowed people to coax Bing into  over the course of long conversations.

Bing Chat also now has integrated image and video search. For example, “show me images of dogs” now displays image search results from Bing. This only shows images that already exist on the web — image generation is separate functionality that you can try with prompts like “create an image of a cat.” Image search is only working for me in the Edge sidebar, but that might be fixed soon. You can also still use Bing Image Creator from the dedicated web page.

Image search in Bing Chat

Microsoft is also rolling out “local grounding,” which should improve queries related to specific locations. The blog post explains, “This week, we delivered enhancements to make Bing give better answers if you’re trying to find a park, a store, or a doctor’s office near you. Expect us to make further improvements in local grounding based on your feedback.”

Finally, the Bing sidebar in Edge has been improved with support for Bing Image Creator (Creative mode needs to be enabled), faster loading times, and a bug fix for random conversation resets. If the new Bing button is annoying, you can turn it off.

Source: Microsoft

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