Solios Solar Classic Watch alone and on a man's wrist.

Tired of having every device beep at you at random intervals throughout the day? It’s time to disconnect, favor simplicity, and put sustainability first with Solios’ Solar Classic Watches. These sleek and elegant analog watches run off solar energy for a more convenient approach to timekeeping. Available in styles for men and women, each Solios watch sports a minimalist design that supports the company’s “no compromise” eco-friendly model.

Developed as an alternative to classic watches, Solios was the product of university friends Samuel Leroux and Alexandre Desabrais. Looking for ways to positively impact the world, the pair turned to their love of watches and identified possible improvements for the old and antiquated industry. The result was a watch that ditched the standard battery and favored more manageable maintenance. At the core of development, though, was the need for sustainability, and to truly capture Leroux and Desabrai’s vision of carbon neutrality by 2025, the pair turned to ethically sourced materials.

Solios Solar Classic Watch | Starting at $300 | Solios

Whether it’s the White Solar Watch with Brown Vegan Leather or the White Solar Watch with Green Vegan Leather, every Solios watch is developed from recycled stainless steel and eco-friendly vegan leather before being shipped in eco packaging. It’s not just the world that Solios wants to help clean up. The company opted to veer from smart watches for an accessory that’s all about function and style. Each solar-powered watch tells time, and that’s it. There are no nagging text message notifications, no disruptive phone calls, and absolutely zero connectivity whatsoever — just a beautifully minimalistic watch that won’t add stressors to your day.

Solios Solar Classic Watches blend style, convenience, and variety with a number of options available in 36mm and 40mm. With a bevy of customizations to choose from, you can build a wristwatch that best fits your style and enjoy the efficiency of solar power with a six-month power reserve, so it’ll stay running, even if you leave it in a drawer for awhile.

Solios Solar Classic Watches

Solios Solar Classic Watches favor simplicity, elegance, and sustainability, using the power of the sun to help its wearer keep track of time more efficiently and reliably than standard watches.

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