Google Fiber truck

There are plenty of fiber internet service providers out there. Google Fiber has a troubled history, but it’s slowly but surely expanding itself and becoming available for more and more users throughout the US. The latest place to get Google Fiber? Arizona — more specifically, Mesa.

Google Fiber has officially announced its expansion into Arizona, with the first eligible place being the Westwood neighborhood of Mesa. Google marked the occasion by treating some users to breakfast and coffee, and if you live in this neighborhood but didn’t get coffee, you’re still getting access to Google Fiber’s whole range of offerings.


You can go as slow as 1 Gbps for $70 a month, or if you want to have blazing-fast speeds, you can also go as high as 8 Gbps for $150 a month. This last plan can get you symmetrical speeds of up to 8,000 Mbps with a wired connection, and you can also hook in a Wi-Fi 6 router and two mesh extenders.

Google Fiber is also still expanding within Arizona, as Google plans to keep extending its network throughout Mesa and will also expand into the nearby city of Chandler. It’s sure turning out to be a slow expansion throughout the country, but it might just be worth it for the few lucky folks who are getting it.

Source: Google

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