Bionic Reading.

We’re all constantly absorbing information online. Bionic reading is an approach to reading that can help you read faster, retain more information, and boost your productivity in your favorite web browsers—like Chrome.

What Is Bionic Reading?

Bionic reading is a method of reading that combines traditional reading with technology-assisted tools. This helps readers increase their reading speed, improve their comprehension and retention, and ultimately become more productive in their reading activities.

Was the above paragraph easier and quicker to read? If you said yes, then you’ve just experienced some of the benefits of bionic reading. Now, imagine that but for a whole article, essay, or book.

Your brain doesn’t always read every letter of every word. It only intakes enough information for you to understand a word, and then it moves on to the next one. The bolding of the first half of each word lets your mind fast-track through paragraphs.

The bolding aspect is the most notable factor in bionic reading, but there’s more as well. A lot of apps and extensions also remove colors from images and change white or black backgrounds to gray. These changes help your eyes focus on the text.

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Why You Should Use Bionic Reading in Chrome (Or Your Preferred Browser)

Using bionic reading in Chrome, or any other web browser, can offer several benefits.

It can help you read faster and more efficiently, which allows you to cover more material in less time.

Bionic reading can also help you retain more information by training your brain to focus on the most important parts of any text.

As a result of the two above-mentioned benefits, it can improve your productivity by allowing you to process information more effectively. This can be particularly useful in academic or work-related settings.

Bionic reading in any browser can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to optimize their online reading experience.

How Bionic Reading Helps You Read Faster and More Efficiently

Bionic reading helps you read faster and more efficiently with techniques including skimming, scanning, chunking, and altering images to be easier on the eye.

Someone adjusting the font of their Bionic Reader extension.
Bionic Reader / Chrome Web Store

For example, when you skim a text, you quickly glance through it to get a general idea of the content without reading every word. Similarly, when you scan a text, you search for specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to your reading goals.

By using these techniques, you can save time and energy. Bionic reading tools like web browser extensions or apps can help automate some of these techniques.

How Bionic Reading Trains Your Brain to Retain Information

By using bionic reading, you can begin to retain more information by training your brain to focus on the most crucial parts of any text, such as key concepts, arguments, or evidence.

Through using techniques like skimming or scanning (as mentioned above), you can quickly identify the main points of the text and decide what information is relevant to your reading goals. In turn, this uses less mental energy.

By consistently applying these techniques, you can train your brain to become more efficient at processing and retaining information. Studying, researching, and editing your own work can become easier as a result.

How Bionic Reading Can Improve Your Productivity

Before we go into how bionic reading increases your productivity, you need a frame of reference for how your productivity can suffer through everyday means.

Using your eyes takes up about 50% of your brain power. That’s more than any of your other senses. We, as humans, heavily rely on our vision for pretty much everything we do.

Right now, you’re likely reading this with your eyes, but, at any moment, you’ll look away to find your drink so that you can grab it and take a sip. Or, you’ll check your phone, your watch, or a nearby clock—and any number of other visual tasks on top of that.

Reading faster and more efficiently drastically cuts down on the stress your eyes and brain suffer while researching, writing, and doing similar work—especially when you’re mentally digesting new information.

As your brain becomes able to retain more information, you’ll need to re-read the same text less often.

To summarize, by improving your reading efficiency and training your brain to better retain information, your productivity will increase. (Editor’s Note: That’s the promise of Bionic Reading, anyway! Your mileage may vary.)

How to Use the Bionic Reading Extension in Chrome

You can get the Bionic Reading extension for Chrome on the Chrome Web Store.

After installing it, you can manage the Bionic Reading extension through the Extensions menu at the top-right of your window (click the little jigsaw piece icon).

You’re now ready to begin using the Bionic Reading extension! When you want to activate it on any given webpage, all you need to do is click the jigsaw piece icon at the top-right of your window and then click the Bionic Reading extension. To turn Bionic Reading off, do the same thing again.

Bionic Reading extension on Chrome's toolbar.

That’s all there is to it! Start saving your energy for tougher tasks by letting Bionic Reading do the heavy visual lifting.

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