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Last year, Wikimedia asked for submissions to create a “sound logo” that would identify Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in audio-only form, like in virtual assistant answers. The organization has now picked a winner.

Wikimedia said in its original announcement last year, “with a sound logo, people will always hear the same sound when responses come from a Wikimedia project. The expectation is that this mnemonic device will, with time, help increase positive emotional responses to the Wikimedia brand, and since the source of content will be accurately identified, it could lead to more people thinking of Wikimedia as a trusted source of verifiable information.”

The chosen sound logo was created by Thaddeus Osborne, who works as a nuclear engineer in Virginia. The sound includes turning pages in a book, keyboard clicks, and a synthesizer chime. Wikimedia will send Thaddeus to a professional recording studio to re-record the sound logo in the highest quality possible.

There were 3,235 entries to the contest in total, with 10 sounds making it to a voting round. You can listen to all the finalists on Wikimedia’s website. I think “GX13” might be my favorite out of the finalists — it sounds like an interlude in an adventure game, like Breath of the Wild or another similar game.

You might start hearing the sound logo in places where Wikipedia answers are read aloud. There’s nothing confirmed yet, but the Wikimedia Foundation “is eager to collaborate with voice assistants and technology organizations over the coming months.”

Source: Wikimedia Foundation

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