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The Legend of Zelda is one of the most memorable and legendary video game franchises, with the latest entry, Breath of the Wild, being a success. The stakes are high for that game’s successor, Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re looking forward to it, there’s a special-edition Switch to match.

Nintendo has revealed a special version of the Nintendo Switch themed for the franchise’s latest entry, releasing on April 28th — two weeks before the game officially makes it to store shelves. It’s a special edition of Nintendo’s most recent OLED model of the Nintendo Switch, meaning you’ll get that bigger, higher-quality screen as you walk and do quests throughout Hyrule once again.


The special edition console itself has a pair of golden Joy-Con controllers as well as a white and gold dock, with patterns and designs inspired by the game all throughout. The console itself sadly doesn’t come with the game, unlike previous special-edition Nintendo consoles released in the past, but that’s partly owed to the fact that this console is released two weeks before the game. It does mean that you’ll need to buy the game separately when it comes out on May 12th.

When the game does go on sale, though, Nintendo is also releasing a special-edition Switch Pro controller as well as a carrying case. Unlike the white-and-gold Switch console, this controller is using black-and-gold, albeit it still manages to look really good.

Source: Nintendo, Twitter

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