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To fix ChatGPT's "error in body stream" message, try regenerating the response for your question, resetting your chat thread, relaunching the website site or browser, asking questions that require shorter responses, and clearing your browser cache. Reaching out to OpenAI support or simply waiting can also help.

Sick of ChatGPT’s “Error in Body Stream” error that keeps popping up in your conversation? There are several ways you can solve a body stream error, depending on the exact cause. Here’s what to do to get ChatGPT back in action.

What Is an “Error in Body Stream” on ChatGPT?

Normally, an “error in body stream” in computers refers to something interrupting or otherwise interfering with a data stream as its being transferred from one network location to another. ChatGPT displays an “Error in Body Stream” error when the service, for one reason or another, can’t generate a response for your prompt.

When this happens, it’s possible ChatGPT’s servers have gone down, preventing the tool from generating responses. Other reasons include you’ve asked a query that requires a lengthy and complex response, which ChatGPT has trouble generating. Your web browser’s faulty cache can also cause this error message.

How to Fix a ChatGPT Error in Body Stream

Regardless of the specific cause, there are several ways you can identify the cause and fix an error in body stream message.

Check the ChatGPT Server Status Page

When ChatGPT displays an error message, the first thing to do is check if the site itself is down. The site’s servers may be experiencing an issue, causing issues with your query responses.

You can check that by accessing the OpenAI Status site. This site tells you if ChatGPT’s functions are down. If they are, you’ll have to wait until the company fixes the issue and brings the services back up.

OpenAI Status website.

If you get an “All Systems Operational” message, that must mean the problem is on your end.

Regenerate ChatGPT’s Response

Another fix you can apply to resolve the “Error in Body Stream” error is by asking ChatGPT to regenerate the response for your question. This forces the site to reproduce the answer to your query, which can help fix the problem.

To do that, right above the text field where you enter your queries, click the “Regenerate Response” button.

Select "Regenerate Response."

Try a New Chat

There may be an issue with the current chat thread. In this case, clear your conversation thread, and your issue will likely be resolved.

While you won’t have the benefit of the chat history of the previous chat thread, starting a new sessions may resolve the issue that lead to the initial error. However, there are ways to share your chat history from a previous chat.

To begin a new chat, in the sidebar, click or tap “New Chat.”

Select "New Chat."

Your new conversation thread has now started with ChatGPT.

For good measure, you can also try closing the ChatGPT tab in your web browser and then relaunching the site. Doing so refreshes your entire session with the site, fixing any minor problems.

Relaunch Your Web Browser

If closing and reopening ChatGPT doesn’t fix your issue, quit and relaunch your web browser to try to resolve the problem. Your web browser may be experiencing a minor glitch, causing an issue with ChatGPT. Restarting Chrome, Edge (which works just like Chrome), and Firefox is relatively simple, so it’s worth try.

Use Shorter Prompts or Ask for Shorter Responses

If you’ve asked a question that requires a lengthy response, ChatGPT may not be able to generate the response, resulting in an “Error in Body Stream” error. Similarly, if you put too much text into ChatGPT for it to process, you might exceed the token limit allocated to the model for your session.

You don’t actually have to put all of your text in at once. You can process text in smaller chunks, asking ChatGPT to perform the same operations on each smaller piece of text.

If you wanted ChatGPT to provide output based on the totality of the text you’re inputting, remember that you can always ask it to as long as the text is within the current chat session’s history. It can take your entire chat history session into account when you provide a prompt.

Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache

To speed up common or repeated web requests, web browsers have a cache for these data. ChatGPT is only a web frontend for the AI model that drives it on a remote server, so if something goes wrong with the site’s cached data it could cause these types of errors.

Just in case this is what’s happening with your session, you should try clearing your browser’s cache. This is quite easy to do in browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Clearing your browser cache won’t affect your internet history, saved passwords, bookmarks, or anything else. At worst, some sites may take a few seconds longer to load the next time you open them because their data needs to be cached again. You may also have to log in to your services again using your saved passwords if you’ve deleted your login session cookies.

Look Up Your API Request Error

If you’re interacting with ChatGPT through a third-party application you’ve developed that sends requests to the OpenAI API to function, you should check that the software’s code is working correctly.

If it’s not a bug in your code, note which HTTP response codes you’re getting back from the API when your software sends a request. Codes between 200 and 299 mean success, but a 400 code (e.g. Error 401, 403, or 404) means something’s gone wrong. Once you’ve looked up what the specific response code means, it might explain why the API isn’t sending data back to you as requested.

Get In Touch With Support

If you have an account with OpenAI, you can use the “Help” button on the main ChatGPT site to get assistance after logging in. If you can’t log in for any reason or don’t have an account, you can go to and use the chat bubble icon at the lower right corner of the page to speak with someone. Ironically, it might turn out to be ChatGPT!

Use ChatGPT at a Later Time

If ChatGPT displays the same error message no matter what you do, and OpenAI support isn’t able to help you either, the site may be experiencing an overload on its servers. This makes it unable to serve all its users, producing all kinds of error messages.

In this case, your best bet is to wait a bit and then access the site later. When the site’s traffic has reduced, you will get a chance to get your queries answered. In the meantime, you might want to try one of the many ChatGPT alternatives out there.

Once ChatGPT is working for you again, check out our guides to making the most of the chatbot, including how to make ChatGPT copy your style, what it’s like to have ChatGPT be your chef, and how you can create unique ChatGPT personas.

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