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Take your brushing to the next level with Quip, the smart electric toothbrush that wants to reward you for good oral hygiene. More than just a toothbrush, Quip connects with the Oral Care Companion on iOS and Android devices to make you a more efficient brusher. The result? Real rewards for you and a brighter, whiter, cleaner smile.

The Quip app is a multipurpose companion to your smart electric toothbrush, allowing you to pair the two and start your journey to healthier teeth and gums. With the smart brush connected to the app, you can manually log when you brush, floss, and use mouthwash, or let the toothbrush record your habits automatically, such as how long and how well you brush.

The app keeps you up on your routines with push notification reminders, ensuring you brush twice a day. Adherence to a steady routine means less plaque left on your teeth and a reduced opportunity for cavities, tooth decay, and root canals. When connected to your Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush, the app even records how well you’re brushing and provides tips when changes can be made.

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By using the Quip app with a Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush, you can also rack up points to be used toward real rewards. The smart toothbrush encourages healthy brushing habits by awarding daily points for brushing twice a day, brushing for at least two minutes, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. You can even score points for achievements like brushing 100 total times. These points can then be turned into gift cards, free Quip products, and entries into sweepstakes. As a final push to guarantee a cleaner smile, Quip even offers access to teledentistry, where five minutes and a smartphone can get you a detailed report from a certified dentist.

You may think you’re putting a good effort into your current brushing habits, but with the right smart toothbrush and app, you may find ways you can improve. So long as you’re using a Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush, which comes in a variety of colors, and the Quip: Oral Care Companion app, you can take advantage of all of these advanced features. Even kids can get on board with the Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush.

Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush

Achieve a brighter, whiter smile with a smart toothbrush that keeps you up on your oral hygiene and offers rewards.

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