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Perhaps the worst part of buying things online is having them delivered to your doorstep only for them to be damaged. Sure, you can return them, but it’s an annoying experience. Some things have better quality control than others, and Amazon will now tell you if something gets returned frequently.

Amazon is rolling out a label that will let buyers know if other people are returning a specific item frequently. If an item is low-quality, a counterfeit, or is being sold with shady marketing tactics, users biting the bullet will be forced to return the product, and if that happens too frequently, it will cause this label to show up. It’s a surefire way to let you know whether you should think twice about buying something or not.

Frequently returned item: Check the product details and customer reviews to learn more about this item.
The warning on an Amazon product listing

A few years ago, you could tell if something was low-quality, or not worth buying, by checking the reviews. However, scammers have since caught up with this and tend to bomb their products with fake reviews in order to inflate their rating or make it harder to find bad reviews about something. This new label should be more reliable, as it’s determined automatically by Amazon depending on one metric that scammers can’t really control.

Keep an eye out for the new warning when you’re browsing Amazon — the warning appears below the features bullet list near the top of the page.

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