Over the years, there have been efforts to reduce the shake effect in handheld cameras and smartphones, but it’s not always possible to fully fix without dedicated hardware. If you need an actual stabilizer, this new option from Insta360 might be worth checking out.

Insta360 is a brand that has long specialized in action cameras and other tools for content creation. But if you’d rather use your own phone, the Insta360 Flow is the latest announcement by the company. It’s a smartphone stabilizer that uses AI technology to maximize stabilization capabilities and guarantee shake-free shots with your smartphone in any context possible. It’s good for action shots and, really, any kind of shots.


This gimbal includes, among other features, an “Auto” mode which automatically adjusts the stabilizer’s settings depending on which context it’s being used for, eliminating the need for manual tweaking and making it perfect for beginners. It can also be used in many unique scenarios. For one, there’s a “Hoop Mode” that’s perfect for capturing a sick basketball move.

If you want to get it, you can purchase it now for $159.

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