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Use the "Move to iOS" Android app during the iPhone setup process. Select "Camera Roll" in the app to transfer photos and videos. Alternatively, you can upload photos to on your Android device and access them on the iPhone.

Moving from Android to iPhone can feel like a daunting task—but it’s really not that bad. Photos are probably one of the most important things to transfer in the migration. We’ll show you a few ways to do it.

Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone with “Move to iOS”

Using the “Move to iOS” app during the iPhone setup process allows you to easily transfer photos from your Android device. First, download the Move to iOS app on your Android device and grant the necessary permissions for it to work properly.

Accept the permission requests.

Go back to your iPhone and follow the setup process until you can select “Move Data from Android.” This will give you a six-digit code to enter in the “Move to iOS” app on your Android device.

Tap "Continue" to find your code.

Enter the six-digit code in the app and you’ll see a handful of things you can transfer to your iPhone. For photos, select “Camera Roll” and tap “Continue.”

Select "Camera Roll."

When the transfer process is done, you’ll see a “Transfer Complete” screen. Tap “Done” to continue setting up the iPhone.

Tap "Done" when transfer is complete.

That’s it! After you’re done with the rest of the setup process, you’ll see the photos in the iPhone’s Photos app.

Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone Wirelessly

The “Move to iOS” app works wirelessly, but it can only be used during the initial setup process—so we’ll use iCloud as a secondary method. But wait…iCloud works on Android? We can sync photos from Android to iPhone through iCloud in the browser.

First, head over to in a browser on your Android device and sign in with the Apple ID for your iPhone.

Go to and "Sign In."

Next, tap the grid icon in the top right and select “Photos.”

You can choose to upload photos to the library or specific albums. Tap “Upload” at the bottom of the “Library” tab, or go to “Albums” and tap “Add” inside an album.

Tap "Upload" or "Add."

The image browser will open and you can select all the photos you’d like to upload to iCloud. Tap “Done” when you’re ready.

Select photos and tap "Done."

Those photos are now in your iCloud account, which means they’ll show up in the “Photos” app on your iPhone!

Photos app on iPhone

This is a surprisingly easy way to wirelessly get photos from your Android device to your iPhone, but it could be a bit cumbersome if you want to move a lot of photos. You also need to have adequate iCloud storage space, which could be pricey.

Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone With a Computer

It’s not necessary to use a computer to transfer photos from Android to iPhone, but it can be done if that’s the method you prefer. The process is just a matter of dragging and dropping.

First, connect your Android device to your Windows or Mac computer with a USB cable. Mac users will need to install the Android File Transfer app. Photos and videos on an Android device are stored in DCIM > Camera.

Navigate to the photos on Android device.

Next, select photos and videos to transfer to the iPhone and drag them to a folder outside of the Android device.

Drag photos to a folder.

Now connect the iPhone to your computer and sync the photos and videos over through iTunes. The photos will be in the Photos app on your iPhone, on the “Albums” tab.

"Albums" folder in iPhone Photos.

That’s all there is to it! This isn’t the most convenient option, but it might be good if you have a very large number of photos and videos to transfer.

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Android

The easiest method to transfer photos from iPhone to Android is to use the iPhone’s built-in iCloud storage. There are other methods for doing this, of course, but iCloud is pretty simple.

First, on your iPhone, go to Settings > Photos and make sure “iCloud Photos” is toggled on.

Toggle on "iCloud Photos."

Next, head over to in a browser on your Android device and sign in with the Apple ID for your iPhone.

Go to and "Sign In."

Tap the grid icon in the top right and select “Photos.”

Tap “Select” in the top right and choose all the photos and videos you’d like to have on your Android device.

Tap "Select" and choose your photos.

When you’re done selecting photos and videos, tap the three-dot menu icon in the bottom right and select “Download.”

The photos and videos will be downloaded to your Android device! The only potential hang-up with this method is you need to have adequate iCloud storage space, which could be expensive if you have a lot to back up on your iPhone.

With Apple’s “Move to iOS” app and iCloud access from the browser, it’s not terribly difficult to move your photos from Android to iPhone. While you’re at it, you may want to move your contacts from Android to iPhone and transfer text messages to iPhone, too.

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