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Microsoft 365 has applications for Windows, Mac, and the web, but those versions differ in a few ways. Microsoft is now updating the web version of PowerPoint with a feature the desktop apps have had for a while.

Microsoft announced in a blog post today that PowerPoint for the web now has automatic bullet formatting in text boxes. Before now, if you wanted to create a list, you had to click the list button in the ribbon toolbar and select the style. Now you can do it without even reaching your mouse, just by typing the right symbol and then pressing the spacebar.

Typing * and a space will convert the current textbox to a normal bullet • list. The same steps will make a dash (-) list, turn an em dash (—) to a block ( ▀ ) list, or > to an arrow ( ➢ ) list. Typing a number or letter followed by a period or closing parenthesis will also start a list in the specified style. If you don’t want PowerPoint to convert your text to a list, pressing backspace after the conversion will undo the action.


Automatic bullet formatting should be available to everyone on the web version of PowerPoint already, and it was already in the desktop apps.

Source: Microsoft

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