Many laptops might let you upgrade the RAM, storage, or other secondary components. But what about an actual upgradeable laptop? Framework’s new laptop takes upgradability to the next level.

Framework has just announced the Framework Laptop 16, a new laptop that’s built around the concept of upgradeability. With it, you get a new, easily swappable Expansion Bay to the back of your laptop, with a powerful, bidirectional PCI Express interface.

Some of the modules you can put inside the computer are as simple as two fans for cooling, but you can fit a powerful GPU into those modules too. Furthermore, since the laptop’s cooling system is actually housed within those modules, getting a more powerful GPU in there also means that you’re putting a more robust cooling system in that laptop. Essentially, you shouldn’t suffer a thermal penalty for upgrading the laptop.


As for the specifications of the laptop itself, it’s a laptop with six expansion slots for features like I/O ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and more. And you can also hot-swap the keyboard and the trackpad, letting you configure your laptop exactly the way you want. In a concept animation, Framework is showing the laptop’s keyboard module being replaced with everything from piano keys to even a whole screen.

We don’t have any other specs, like CPU or RAM — that’ll come at a later date. For now, Framework wants to gauge interest in this. It’ll ship in late 2023, apparently, so we should learn more about it over the coming months.

Source: Framework, The Verge

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