Anker Nano II 65W

Anker sells some of the best phone chargers around, including many compact options that are perfect for keeping in your travel bag. Now you can get the company’s tiny 65W charger on sale for just $35.

The Anker Nano II is advertised as compatible with the Apple MacBook Pro and Air, Dell XPS 13, Galaxy S20 and S10 series, Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 13 series, iPad Pro, and Google Pixel phones. The adapter should work with any other USB Power Delivery-compatible device — nearly everything with a USB Type-C port. The inclusion of Programmable Power Supply (PPS) support means it’s also compatible with some picker devices that require PPS, such as select Samsung phones.

Anker Nano II 65W Charger

Anker's 65-watt Nano II charger is perfect for phones, tablets, and even some laptops.

The single 65W port is enough to charge most phones and tablets at the fastest-possible speeds. For example, the iPhone 14 series maxes out at around 30W, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is mostly limited to 25W (with occasionally boosting to 45W). You’ll only run into problems with high-end laptops, like the M2 MacBook Pro, which may require more than 65W to stay charged under heavy load (like editing videos or gaming)

The other main selling point is the compact size made possible by using Gallium Nitride (GaN) hardware. It measures just 1.65 x 1.42 x 1.74 inches, and is 58% smaller than Apple’s 61W wall charger it included with MacBooks for a while.

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