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As far as audiobooks and podcasts go, one of the very best options out there is the Amazon-owned Audible. Now, it’s getting even better, as Audible is adding support for Dolby Atmos.

You probably know Dolby Atmos as one of the most common buzzwords on media as well as TVs, consoles, and audio systems. It’s a system that builds on what surround sound can already do by adding things like height channels to add a sense of dimension to what you’re listening to. To supporting Dolby Atmos, both the media you’re listening to and the device you’re using need to be Dolby Atmos-certified. Audible is just the latest service to support this technology.

With Dolby Atmos support, Audible will now give you vastly improved audio for both audiobooks and podcasts. Not all podcasts and audiobooks will support this right out of the gate. To start, Audible is launching a Dolby Atmos collection, which includes existing, upgraded titles like Letters from Camp and The Prophecy, as well as all-new titles like The Little Mermaid. There’s a total of 40 titles in this collection that you can find by searching “Dolby Atmos” on the search bar, and the number of Dolby Atmos-supported titles might grow over time as well.

To check out the new experience, make sure you’re using a Dolby Atmos-certified device or smartphone to get started. Also, make sure your Audible app is fully updated.

Source: Audible

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